What is DrupalCamp?

A DrupalCamp is an event of two or three days focused on many aspects of Drupal and held on an specific geographical place. Its main focus is to share knowledgement among the people in the community.

During the event experiences are shared and workshops are held for those enthusiastic participants who want to start o enhance their knowledgement. It is a goal to have participants of all levels: curious people starting, software developers, content creators, designers or business managers. The sessions aim to cover useful topic for every assistant.

Global DrupalCamps

Drupalcamps are events organized by communities of Drupal's users on different places arround the world, giving a local focus according the interests of the people present. DrupalCamps have been done  in different places in USA, Europe, Asia and Australia. On Latin America it have been held in Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Guatemala and Mexico. Now is our turn and on December we will have our first big Drupal event in Chile.

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