Universidad Central

The Universidad Central de Chile is a private university founded in 1982. It is a private nonprofit corporation whose management and development lies in their own academics through a governance structure led by a representative General Assembly of the various faculties of the university , which would make it a unique case in the Chilean university system.


The Engineering Faculty is located at Av. Santa Isabel 1186, Santiago en el Edificio Vicente Kovacevic I.

Access indications

There are not still precise access indications, but at least every person should have an identification document in order to check their identities with the event's participant's list.

How to get there?

The following indications lie on the suposition that the assistant know the basics about Santiago's public transportation system. If someone does not know basic elements as such as "BIP card", please try to find more information on tourism's sites since they have better information in english than official sites.


It is possible to go by metro and then walking like 10 minutes from metro station La Moneda (red line, number 1) or metro station Toesca (yellow line, number 2). If you are going from La Moneda, you would need to walk through Paseo Bulnes, which is just in front La Moneda palace across the street. From Toesca you should take the northern exit and walk to the east along Av. Santa Isabel. 


If you are a foreigner and you don't know the city nor speak spanish, we would not recommend this method.


From downtown in Santiago, a taxi should take you in less than 15 minutes and the price would be like 3.000 CLP(or even less). You should tell the driver to get you to "Nataniel Cox esquina Santa Isabel". 

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