About Chile

Chile is a long, narrow country that extends from the Andes Mountains to the Pacific Ocean on the southwest side of South America.

Chile's main territory consists of a strip of land 4,200 km long and 90 to 440 km wide. In the far south, the land is transected by hundreds of islands and fiords. You can know more about Chile in the official website of turism of Chile.


There are plenty of activities to do during your stay in Chile, we have for all tastes.

¿Te gusta el campo, el bosque, los lagos, montañas, islas, rios, playa, nieve, hielo, el tranquilo campo o una moderna ciudad? En Chile tenemos todo eso y más.

Do you like the field, forest, lakes, mountains, islands, rivers, beach, snow, ice, quiet countryside or a modern city? In Chile we have all that and more.

Would you like to be in the morning in the mountains and in the evening on the beach? In Chile it is possible.

A picture is worth a thousand words, if you want to know more look at some videos about Chile.

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