Drupalcamp Santiago de Chile 2015 will be the first major Drupal event with a national and international call to be held in the country, which consists on two days of talks and one of workshops/sprints. We are a community of users and developers that have been meeting regularly for almost three years and we want to show you what we can do with Drupal, share experiences and talk about the web.

Our content and audience is mainly focused on Drupal, but we will also include a broad aspect of related content focusing on open source technologies and the web in general, considering technical and non-technical aspects.
It will be an opportunity to learn, know success stories, share knowledge, see new business opportunities, meet other professionals, share challenges and experiences. National and international speakers.

Important Dates

  • August 18, 2015: Official announcement of the camp
  • October 15, 2015:
    • Call for talks
    • Early Bird Inscription
  • November 6, 2015 November 15, 2015:
    • End of call for talks
    • End of early bird inscription
  • November 16, 2015: Programme announcement
  • December 10,11: DrupalCamp, talks days.
  • December 12: DrupalCamp, workshops day.

Is important to remark that space is limited, we have a capacity of up to 180 participants, participation will be confirmed in order of registration. Registration is required to attend the event.

About the organization

DrupalCamp Chile is a non-profit event organized by the Chilean Drupal Community. The aim of this event is to support and spread the Drupal open source project and join the community of users and developers.

This is the first DrupalCamp to be held in Chile, if you work with Drupal in some way, we would like to see you there.

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